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Campus Services

Student Life Counselor


Make an Appointment


To make an appointment with the Student Life Counselor:


Go Online:
Schedule an Appointment
Limit the information you provide to your name and your email address. Do not enter any additional information.


Call:  620-441-5228.  If there is no answer, please leave a message with your first name, your number, and a good time to call.


Stop by the office:   Nelson Student Center, room 204.  If the door is open, please come in, and we will schedule a time to meet.  If the door is closed, you will find multiple days of the counselor’s schedule posted on the door.  All open times on the schedule are available.  To reserve a time for yourself, simply write the word “Reserved” in that time slot, and then return at that time for your appointment.  Please do not identify yourself on the schedule posted on the door;  we want to keep your counseling private.