Accountability and Institutional Measures (AIM)

Accountability and institutional measures to support student success and institutional effectiveness

Accountability and institutional measures (aim)

Cowley College monitors continuous quality improvement activities that support both students and the organization using the AIM.  This tool became the focus of the College's first Quality Initiative, an accreditation project required of all Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Open Pathway institutions.

The first phase of the revision of the AIM began in 2020, resulting in project approval from the Commission in the spring of 2021.  Office of Institutional Effectiveness creation of Tableau dashboards to analyze information for student success is focused on the college student lifestyle to answer the following questions:

  • Does the College provide educational access to promote the public good?
  • Do the process and systems on Cowley College's campus support the retention of its degree-seeking students?
  • Are undergraduates at Cowley College able to complete their degree and/or certificate program in a timely manner?
  • Do Cowley College's degree-seeking students transfer on to four-year institutions, an important part of its mission?
  • Are career and technical education (CTE) program completers able to find employment in their chosen field?
  • Does the College promote integrity throughout the organization?
  • Is there visible evidence that Cowley College is committed to its stakeholders?

2022 Cowley College Accountability and Institutional Measures Executive Summary with KPI metrics