Community Members

There is a reason Cowley is a community college
At Cowley College we value our relationships with community members and strive to make connections wherever possible. We offer many services to the public and hope to see you on campus.

Our Administrative Affairs Policy


  1. Priorities for use of College facilities will be as follows:
  2. Educational or activity programs of the College.
  3. Community service programs of the College.
  4. Activities sponsored by non-profit community groups within the College district.
  5. Activities sponsored by outside non-profit groups not affiliated with the College or community.
  6. Meetings of public for profit groups.
  7. Exceptions to the above policy must be approved by the Vice President of Finance andAdministration and the President.

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Catering Options

Campus Community Rooms

These rooms are available & reservable …
The Wright Room

The Wright Room

The Presidents Dining Room

The Presidents Dining Room

The Sumner Campus Community Room

The Sumner Campus Community Room


Please inquire regarding availability.
Admin Assistant to V.P. of Finance and Administration
Sumner Campus Operations Officer