Our Mission

Mission Statement

Cowley College is committed to providing opportunities for learning excellence, personal achievement, and community engagement.

Vision Statement

Champion the relevance of two-year colleges in higher education through holistic learning and workforce development opportunities.

Communication Statement

Communication is an important tool for transferring information, maintaining understanding, and achieving productivity. Effective communication advocates for collaboration by sharing timely information, establishing understanding, building consensus, and increasing our return on investment while embodying the College's core values of People, Accountability, Integrity, and Leadership.

Core Values

Cowley College is dedicated to the continual pursuit of excellence by embracing our Core Values, the fundamental principles that guide our actions.

  • We emphasize the importance of human relationships, diversity, and a sense of community.
  • We provide student-centered instruction.
  • We provide a safe learning environment where joy, humor, and teamwork are embraced.
  • We encourage open communication and the sharing of ideas.

  • Our students will receive a quality education.
  • The College will allow students to take an active role in their success.
  • All employees are responsible and committed to excellence.
  • We are accountable to the community to educate students and to sustain and improve society.

  • We regard honesty, trust, and respect as essential principles in our academic, personal, and professional standards.

  • We provide a positive atmosphere that fosters personal and professional growth.
  • We empower students and employees to be innovative and visionary.
  • We are an ethical leader in the field of education.

Strategic Theme

With integrity and passion, Cowley College advances its mission and vision by supporting the attainment and demonstration of life skills in the areas of critical thinking and problem solving, communications, citizenship, computation, and technology.