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Cowley College awards hundreds of scholarships to our students based on academic achievements, talents, skills, interests, or needs.
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Apply Early for Scholarships

Browse our scholarship offerings, select a scholarship that matches your qualifications, and submit an online application form. Apply early to improve your chance of getting a scholarship. If you need assistance, Admissions Representatives are glad to help you select and apply for a scholarship.

Guidelines for Scholarships

To be considered for a scholarship to Cowley College you must submit an online application and adjere to the following:

Scholarship Types

Cowley College awards scholarships to our students based on academic achievements, talents, skills, interests and needs.  Please browse our More Info section for a breakdown of the Academic, Department, and Activity Scholarships and its requirements.  You will find we have many options that will match your qualifications and all you have to do is submit ONE application and we will find a scholarship that is a great fit for you!


The Cowley Foundation provides hundreds of scholarships each year to qualifying students. These are endowed and expendable scholarships provided by our generous benefactors and donors. Scholarship amounts vary and are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. You must submit an application in order to be considered and applications are due within two weeks after the first day of classes. You can apply by visiting our website at


These scholarships are from organizations and agencies that are dedicated to helping students achieve their educational goals. These scholarships are not administered by Cowley College, so you will have to contact those external sources directly.


The Kansas Promise Act, passed April 2021, allows Kansas residents the opportunity to earn scholarship dollars for select Cowley Programs at no cost to eligible students beginning in August 2021.


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