The FAFSA Process

What to expect & tips for completing.
We've compiled some tips from frequently asked questions of students. 

TIP: Apply early! The best time to apply for Federal Aid is February through April. Waiting any longer will delay the processing of your aid.

TIP: Complete your application accurately and completely. Incomplete applications or applications that need to be corrected slow down the processing of your aid.

TIP: Order your IRS Tax Return Transcript and keep copies of any other benefits or income received and be prepared to provide copies to the Financial Aid Office if requested.

TIP: Be sure to list all the colleges you are interested in on your application (FAFSA).

TIP: Be aware of the costs you will have to attend school, including tuition, fees, books, housing, tools and supplies.

TIP: Be aware of the college payment deadlines and try to have your financial aid file complete prior to those payment due dates.

TIP: Be aware of policies regarding disbursement of Federal Aid (Pell Grants & Loans) and budget accordingly for the semester.

TIP: Be aware of policies regarding Academic Progress for students on Federal Aid.

TIP: Please do not "spend" a refund disbursement before you have it! The dates we publish for release of Pell or Loan refund checks are always subject to change. Students should maintain a current address through Cowley Connect.

TIP: Ask questions! If you cannot find the information you need in printed policies or publications, please ask the Financial Aid staff. Asking friends or making assumptions could jeopardize your future eligibility for Federal Aid.

Verification Policy For Federal Aid Recipients

All FAFSA’s selected by the Central Processing System (CPS) will be verified 100% by the Financial Aid Office. Any FAFSA with an asterisk beside the EFC number on the Student Aid Report (SAR) has been selected.  

Documentation required for verification (but not limited to) will be:

  1. Order your IRS Tax Return Transcript (for both the student and parents if applicable).
  2. Untaxed income such as deferred compensation, child support received and/or paid out or workers compensation. 
  3. Student Certification Form
  4. Verification Worksheet
  5. High School Transcript, GED or Home School Diploma.

The Financial Aid Office will inform the student by email and mail of the verification process and what items will be needed to complete their file. 

Students will access their Financial Aid Portal accounts to view documentation needed and print forms needed. After the initial email is sent, all further email correspondence will be sent to the student's Cowley Student Email account. 

The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to select any file for verification that appears to have conflicting or incorrect information listed.

Students may turn in paperwork to complete their files in person, by email, mail or fax to the following locations:

Main-Campus Admissions

125 S. 2nd Street
Arkansas City, KS  67005

Mulvane Center

430 E. Main Street
Mulvane, KS  67110