Prodigy Awards

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High School juniors and seniors are invited to enter their recent art and design work in our Fine Art and Graphic Design Prodigy Awards competition at Cowley College. Compete to win prizes, awards, and scholarships!

2023 Art & Design Prodigy Awards

Wednesday – Nov. 8 – 2023

Brown Center Wright Room

  • Check-in: 10:30 AM
  • Lunch & Award Ceremony: 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
  • Art Competition & Portfolio Reviews: 12:15 PM – 2:30 PM

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About the  Awards

High School juniors and seniors can enter their recent art and design work in our Fine Art and Graphic Design Prodigy Awards. Compete to win over $400 in prizes, awards, and scholarships.

You must submit your complete registration by October 15, 2023 to be eligible for the Prodigy Awards competitions.

  • Senior Division — open to all High School seniors.
  • Junior Division — open to all High School juniors.

Best of Show Awards

Senior Division
Senior Division Best of Show winners will receive a $75 Amazon gift card and a books and tuition scholarship offer from Cowley College! We have the following Best of Show categories:

  • Traditional 2D media 
  • 3D media
  • Digital

Junior Division
Junior Division Best of Show winners will receive a $40 Amazon gift card. We have the following Best of Show categories:

  • Traditional 2D media 
  • 3D media
  • Digital      

Category Awards

There will be awards for first, second, and third place in each of the following categories:

  • Painting
  • Digital Art & Design
  • Drawing
  • 2D Other (Printmaking, Mixed Media, etc)
  • Ceramics/Glass
  • Sculpture
  • Portfolio

Seniors earning first place medals will also receive a Cowley Scholarship offer. For more details on these categories, see the definitions below.

Portfolio Reviews

Students are encouraged to bring their work for a portfolio review with our art and design instructors. Get valuable feedback on your work, meet our faculty, and potentially earn a books and tuition scholarship to Cowley College! Students that participate in a portfolio review get a free Cowley gift bag!

Art Competition

While you’re waiting for your portfolio review, we will be hosting an “On Site Art Competition”. Students will get to compete to make a piece of art using provided materials. At the end of the day, we’ll award a $50 Amazon gift card to the winning design!

Submission Entry and Guidelines

How to Enter
  • Be a high school junior or senior.
  • Select no more than 5 pieces for the competition. (a portfolio counts as a single piece). These pieces should be from the last two years.
  • Register (click to register) - Complete your registration by October 15, 2023
  • Inventory Sheet (click to download) - Complete an inventory sheet for the work you are submitting.
  • Show Labels (click to download) - Each submitted artwork must include TWO show labels. One label will be attached to the exhibit and the other label will be displayed.
  • Hand-deliver or mail your work to us by November 2, 2023*, with the appropriate labels & inventory list. Artwork must be hand-delivered, or mailed to:

Cowley College
The Brown Center
Visual & Performing Arts Office, #100
Arkansas City, KS 67005

Cowley College
Visual & Performing Arts Department
125 S. 2nd Street
Arkansas City, KS 67005

*This deadline is non-negotiable for both hand-delivered and mailed entries.

Entry Guidelines

  • Artwork can be taken home after the Awards ceremony. Any artwork not picked up by December 1 will become the property of Cowley College.
  • Cowley is not responsible for any incorrect labels or misprints due to illegible writing.
  • Cowley College is not responsible for breakage, damage or loss of artwork. Fragile artwork is entered at the risk of the artist.
  • Drawings, graphic art, prints, and other flat pieces must be matted and covered with acetate. These pieces will be hung with clips from the top edge. Do not use glass.
  • Paintings on canvas should have the edges of the frame painted black or a neutral color or may be covered with lathe board. Paintings should be covered in acetate or paper to prevent damage in handling. Paintings should have hangers attached to the back which will allow the painting to be hung. These should be attached in a manner which will allow the painting to hang flat.


Works will be disqualified if:
  • The student awarded does not attend the Prodigy Awards.
  • The work is not matted or improperly matted.
  • The work is not ‘ready-to-hang’.
  • The work is plagiarized.

The judges’ decisions will be final.

Award Categories

Oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, casein or tempera. On canvas, canvas board, paper or any flat surface. Artwork must be completely dry.

Digital Art & Design
Art and graphic design work created using computers or other electronic devices.

Pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel, crayon, or scratchboard.

2D Other (Printmaking, Mixed Media, etc)
Any other two-dimensional, traditionally made work such as printmaking or mixed media.

Functional or decorative object made of clay or glass.

Non-functional object modeled, carved, cast, constructed or assembled of any material.

Collection of 5 of the artist’s best works in any media. These should be finished works which are matted or mounted and contained in an appropriate portfolio case unless 3-dimensional.

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