Shelby Huddleston

Director of Distance Learning

Shelby Huddleston has been with Cowley College since 2017.  Transitioning from his role as Director for Instructional Technology to Director of Distance Learning in 2022, Huddleston has consistently demonstrated a profound understanding of the evolving landscape of educational technology and online pedagogy.

In his capacity as Director of Distance Learning, Huddleston assumes a pivotal role in guiding the instructional design processes, administrating the learning management system, and shaping the online campus component of the college. With over two decades of experience spanning across public school systems and institutions of higher learning, Huddleston brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his leadership role.

Beyond his institutional responsibilities, Huddleston actively engages in professional communities, serving as a valued member of the Anthology Community Leadership Circle and co-leading the Blackboard Learn Ultra User Group. His active involvement in these networks underscores his commitment to staying abreast of emerging trends and best practices in educational technology.

Huddleston's academic background, including a Bachelor of Music Education and a Master of Science in Educational Technology from Pittsburg State University, serves as a testament to his scholarly pursuits and reinforces his qualifications as a leader in higher education.