Cowley College offers its students a variety of resources to support student success. Sometimes, however, students do not ask for the help they need. When this happens, resources are not used, and students can fall short of their potential. For each student who does not ask for help, there are often other concerned individuals that are aware of the student’s unmet needs. These individuals could help the student if there were a way of reporting the concerns to the appropriate persons.

Many institutions of higher education are addressing this issue through an approach called Student of Concern Reporting. This approach involves providing concerned individuals with a way to report their concerns to those who can be of assistance. Concerned individuals may include other students, employees of the college, a student’s family and friends, and other members of the community. Their concerns may include (but are not limited to) possible dangerousness to self or others, mental health issues, alcohol and drugs, disabilities, and medical concerns.

A Student of Concern report form is provided below in an online format.  If you have concerns about a Cowley College student, you are encouraged to complete and submit a report. The report goes directly to the office of the Executive Director of Student Services who will (1) review the report, (2) if appropriate, assemble a team of Cowley College employees to investigate the concerns and, (3) if appropriate, develop an action plan to address the concerns.

In emergencies, please call 911 immediately.

Questions about Student of Concern reporting may be addressed to Kristi Shaw, Executive Director of Student Services, at 620-441-5206 or email

To submit a report online, please fill Out the form below: