Survival Kit for Final Exams

Collegiate DECA (Cowley Chapter)

Final Exam time is almost here! The time when Cowley College students enter the most crucial and nerve-racking period of the entire academic semester! Studying for finals can be a significant learning period if a student is relaxed enough to review, relate, and summarize the semester’s assignments and lectures. Students are prone to cram for exams, miss meals, and go without adequate sleep.

Collegiate DECA, the business organization, has the answer for meeting the student’s needs to find a source of energy to make up for missed meals and sleep. The students also need something to give them confidence in themselves – a message of encouragement from family and friends.

If you wish, DECA will deliver a Survival Kit for Final Exams to your Cowley College student. Its contents, “Food for Thought!” A Survival Kit is a message of moral support from you and a variety of snack foods plus fun items selected from the list below.

The DECA organization would like your Cowley College student to receive a Survival Kit. Please return your order three weeks before Finals Week so we will have time to prepare and deliver the kits.

Peanuts, crackers, granola bars, fruit juices, candy bars, gum, popcorn, pop & other snacks.