April 02, 2024

Boeing Visits Nondestructive Testing Students

boeing professionals visiting nondestructive testing students

Pictured (left to right): Ryan Mahaffey, Lead NDT Technician, Ryan Nickell, Lead NDT Technician, Brian Ames, Quality Manager, Joe Clasen, Cowley Technical Education Workforce Liaison.

Boeing's engagement with the Cowley College Nondestructive Testing (NDT) students on March 29th which was facilitated by Joe Clasen (Technical Education Workforce Liaison, Cowley College) provided invaluable insights into the aerospace industry and the significance of their training. Al Forshee's remarks underscored the growing demand for NDT technicians and the pivotal role they play within Boeing and similar organizations.

“In terms of job opportunity trends, the demand for NDT techs has experienced remarkable growth in various industries over the past few years. Moreover we have recently observed the emergence of new market competitors who are actively seeking the same caliber of talent as our established rivals. The heightened demand for top-notch professionals has prompted Boeing to recognize NDT as a critical skill set throughout the organization with boundless opportunities for personal and professional growth. At present, we are collaborating with the NDT community to bridge any talent gaps stemming from the substantial expansion experienced across our major product line and business units” said Al Forshee (Senior NDT/Quality Manager).

The partnership between Cowley College's NDT program and industry leaders like Boeing is instrumental in preparing students for the challenges and opportunities they'll encounter in their careers. By providing personalized guidance, teaching in-demand skills, and facilitating real-world experiences, the program equips students with the tools they need to succeed in a competitive job market.

Through such partnerships, students gain valuable insights into their future career paths and are motivated to strive for excellence beyond graduation. By aligning their education with the needs of industry leaders, students can pursue fulfilling careers and contribute to the continued success and innovation of companies like Boeing.

For more information about the Cowley Nondestructive Testing, visit the NDT program page or contact instructor, Garrett Vickery, at garret.vickey@cowley.edu

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