April 08, 2024

A Mashup to Remember: Cowley Choir performs with other regional voices

choir performing

The Arkansas City High School hosted a spectacular event on Sunday, April 7th, featuring voices from various choirs across the state of Kansas. In an event that was open to the public, Cowley College Choirs, the ACHS Arkettes, Ark Highs, and Symphonic Choir, as well as the K-State Concert Choir and In-A-Chord came together with a diverse range of talents to give memorable performances for the audience.

Cowley’s choir who sang Hit Me With a Hot Note, Watch Me Bounce, And So It Goes, and It Had To Be You and You Made Me Love You was led by Director of Vocal Music Lindsay Allen.

Allen shared, “The concert Sunday was a great experience for everyone involved! It was exciting to see so many talented musicians share a stage and entertain the crowd. On a personal note, it was really special to me because I am an ACHS grad, Cowley grad, and a K-State grad! Collaborating on the concert was a great way for Cowley students to see the choir program at K-State in action and several students spoke with their director Joshua Oppenheim after the concert about future college plans. I look forward to collaborating with more choirs in the future”.

To learn more about the Vocal Music Program Visit, the Cowley Music Program page.

Hunter Ferguson | Integrated Communications Specialist
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