April 11, 2024

Cowley Names Daniela Salcedo the 2024 Student of the Year

Daniela Salcedo winning student of the year

Cowley Sophomore and Pre-Med major Daniela Salcedo was named Student of the Year during the Academic Awards Banquet for the 2023-2024 school year. With a 3.7 GPA and a place on the Dean’s Honor Roll, Salcedo hopes to become a clinical lab technician.

Salcedo, a Queen Alalah finalist, was also our November Student of the Month. During that conversation, we learned that she has “lived in Arkansas City for the past ten years and graduated from Arkansas City High School in 2022”. At ACHS, she involved herself in band, concert band, AC Players, Arkettes, Ark Highs, Usherettes, cheer, symphonic choir, and the National Honor Society.

After coming to Cowley, Salcedo became involved in Cowley College Singers, Concert Choir, Jazz Band, and Concert Band. In addition, she became a Student Ambassador and an On-Campus work-study for the Cowley College Bookstore. 

As if that wasn’t enough to keep anyone busy, Salcedo also actively participates in many of our Clubs and Activities. A member of Act One Drama Club, she has been involved in both fall musicals and Spring plays on the stage in Brown Theater. Other clubs Salcedo is a member of include Phi Theta Kappa, the International Student Organization, and Voices Heard. 

In her November interview, Salcedo shared that she “is a first-generation college student driven to succeed despite personal and economic challenges she faces. At home, Salcedo has obligations and responsibilities to her family that are not expected of many students her age”.

Director of Auxiliary Services Shannon O’Toole expressed, “I believe her dedication to her family is also what makes her such a dedicated student; she simply doesn’t know how to be anything other than devoted”.

After the award banquet, Salcedo called receiving this honor "absolutely surreal". Sharing, "I’m so proud of everyone there last night, and I can't wait to see where life leads them and the amazing things they do. The energy in the room was astronomical". 

Award Recipients:

  • Ambassadors: Aigiza Nasyrova, Daniela Salcedo, Danny Ball, Emma Badley, Joriz Mandac, Kathrynne Giger, Kinzie Pappan, Lindsey Zepeda, Lizeth Ulate, Norma Saenz, Reese Pappan, Sierra Petty, Stellar Young, Sydney Hendrix, Taylor Bedore, Taylor Pappan
    Collegiate Quiz Bowl: Elias Robson, Spencer MacLaughlin
  • Resident Assistants: Alicia Hunter, Andre Ecker, Andrew Talburt, Anna Przyszlak, Bruno Nhavene, Davonte Pruitt, Emily Howard, Fenja Leibner, Kennedy Bulger, Melton Powe, Ndack Mbengue, Siyabonga Jiyane
  • Student Senate: Demetrios Catlett, Emily Howard, Joriz Mandac, Journey Catlett
  • TLC Tutors: Blythe Brewer, Emily Howard, Jacob Creswell, Ndack Mbengue, Slava Sychev, Sydney Hendrix, Victor Do Nascimento
  • Derek Burroughs Award: Joriz Mandac
  • Natural Science & Math Department: Sydney Hendrix
  • Business and Social Sciences Department: Joriz Mandac
  • Health and Human Services Department: Hannah Coates
  • Career & Tech Education Department: Kinlee Haden
  • Humanities & Communication Department: Slava Sychev
  • Visual and Performing Arts Department: Daniela Salcedo
  • ACES: Alex Trujillo, Annabella Harmon
  • Act One Drama Club: Gwyneth Abrams, Peyton Williams
  • Art and Design Club: Cole Batten, Stellar Young, Laurence Aggson
  • Cowley Bands: Charles Hensley, Daniela Salcedo
  • Creative Claws: Slava Sychev, Syriah Marque
  • DECA: Blythe Brewer, Demetrios Catlett, Joriz Mandac, Kaitlyn Ball
  • International Student Organization: Aigiza Nasyrova, Larisa Palmer
  • Math and Science Club: Journey Catlett, Sydney Hendrix
  • Media Club: Aigiza Nasyrova, Liza Danilova
  • Phi Theta Kappa: Demetrios Catlett, Emily Howard
  • Trap Club: Jacey McIntire, Raymond Wyssman
  • Vocal Music: Spencer MacLaughlin
  • Voices Heard: Daniela Salcedo, Joriz Mandac
  • Student of the Month Recipients: September – Kinzie Pappan, October– Ndack Mbengue, November– Daniela Salcedo, December– Emma Badley, January– Aigiza Nasyrova, February– Bruno Nhavene, March– Journey Catlett, April– Stellar Young

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