April 22, 2024

Earth Day Clean Up at Cowley

two girls picking up trash

For National Clean Up Day, Cowley College Director of Mass Communications, Meg Smith, organized an event on campus demonstrating Cowley’s commitment to fostering community engagement among students. Smith shared, “Media Club has partnered with ACES and asked all clubs, programs, and activities on campus to join in our effort. Community members were also invited to participate for the 54th anniversary of Earth Day”. Such initiatives contribute to a cleaner environment and promote a sense of responsibility and civic duty among participants.

National Clean Up Day “stands as the largest single-day clean-up event in the United States, bringing together over 2 million volunteers in service to their communities. National CleanUp Day proudly collaborates with Earth Day® and the U.N.-recognized World Cleanup Day®” (National CleanUp Day).

Media Club President Jonica Cruz explained, “The event had between 10 and 12 volunteers from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Everyone participated when they could and were sent on different routes in groups of two or solo. Routes circled the entire campus and a bit of our surrounding area. At the end of our event, we did have about 5 to 6 people tackle Paris Park specifically since there is a lot of ground to cover”.

The decision to extend these efforts throughout the month shows a sustained commitment to environmental stewardship beyond just a single day. By welcoming everyone to join in, these events will continue to foster inclusivity and collective action toward a cleaner and healthier community.

Hunter Ferguson | Integrated Communications Specialist
Cowley College
125 S. 2nd Street
Arkansas City, KS 67005