May 03, 2023

Visual and Performing Arts Department celebrates 100 years of Cowley College

Cowley College music alumni concert

Another successful Art and Design Student Showcase wrapped up Tuesday night in the Earle N. Wright Community Room, followed by an inspiring Cowley College music alumni concert inside Cowley College’s Robert Brown Theatre. 

The Student Showcase featured over 100 pieces of art created by Cowley College art and design students and members of the Golden Tigers. The work will remain on display through May 9. 

Students that had work displayed at the Showcase were: Ayden Young, Rachel Silhan, Shaybree Hanes, Savannah Shively, Laurence Aggson, Cole Batten, Athalia Johnson, Regina Free, Stellar Young, Kristin Carter, Rhett Nance, Annabella Harmon, and Jacob Hartley. 

“We had a really great turnout with a fantastic group of art and design students,” Cowley College graphics design instructor Mark Dykes said. “They had a mix of two-dimensional and three-dimensional work on display that they have been crafting over the past year. The art and design faculty are very proud of what our students have accomplished.”

concert band

Golden Tiger participants were: Patty Morgan, Lorna Stephens, Tom Schmidt, Kimberly McJunkin, Sharon Ternes, Loretta Harms, and Donna Rubio.

The Cowley Music Alumni Concert featured over 100 current and alumni choir and band members. Former choir director Connie Donatelli served as a guest director, while the concert also had two new pieces of music written by Cowley faculty members Stephen Butler and Dr. Michael Christensen to commemorate Cowley College’s 100-year anniversary.

Lindsay Allen, Cowley College’s director of vocal music, said the concert was the best way to end this year of celebrating Cowley's Centennial. 

“I am so very thankful for everyone who came back to perform in this concert,” Allen said. “It amazes me the impact Cowley has had on so many people, enough that they would come back to perform on the Brown Center stage once again. I feel that the choir program at Cowley has such a strong foundation that was set in place by Connie Donatelli, so having her back to conduct a special piece just felt natural. Getting to share the stage with her once again was and will always be a highlight of my career.”

A reception, sponsored by the Cowley College Foundation, was held in the Wright Room following the concert.

Concert Choir members: Elle Abrams, Gwyneth Abrams, Charles Barlow Jr., KC Bennett, Raychell Beshirs, Cal Blagg, Gabriel dos Santos, Geshawna Francis, Nyle Franklin, Kathrynne Giger, Micah Greenlee, Xavier Huffman, Alicia Hunter, Devin Jarrell, Grace King, Jonathan Krusemark, Melissa Kuchar, Spencer MacLaughlin, Joriz Mandac, Chase Mathews, Aigiza Nasyrova, MaKenna Roark, Lexi Rogers, Daniela Salcedo, Zulema Sanchez, Emily Smith, Noah Stephenson, Grace Stueven, and Micah Whitley.

Centennial Band members: Rae Lynne Baker, Essie Boatman, Hannah Christensen, Lydia Christensen, Elizabeth Thompson, Cal Blagg, Kaitlin Schmidt, John Baker, Shelby Huddleston, Shelby White, Milly Dorontez-Perez, Brooke Brogan, Megan Talbert, Rebecca Murry, Philip Howe, Kalea Rattler, Daniela Salcedo, Zane Hubble, Elizabeth Gonzales-Cruz, Savannah Shively, Ariana Castillo, KC Bennett, Dalton Gilliland, Kaiden Hernandez, Eli Hubble, Alyssa Reynolds, Braxton Huddleston, Phillip Ledesma, Jackson Ellis, Nikolai Crow, Charles Hensley, Ben Rajewski, Charlie Hensley, Lucas Judd, Chris VanGilder, Noah Stephenson, Josh Waldorf, Nathaniel Metzinger, Dave Kerwood, Sarah Gerber, Ron Greenlee, Brycen Stuteville, Adrianna White, Alena Hornick, Grace Valenzuela, and Byron Bumgarner.

Rama Peroo | Director of Institutional Communication
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