October 26, 2022

Band and Choir programs featured during Fall Music Concert

band and choir

Cowley College held its fall music concert Tuesday inside the Robert Brown Theatre. The concert featured the band and choir programs at Cowley College.

Lindsay Allen, the director of vocal music, and Dr. Michael Christensen, director of bands, led the performances, while Stephen Butler served as a collaborator.

The CC Singers, under the direction of Allen, performed Desafinado, Over the Rainbow, Take me Home, and Africa. The Concert Choir performed Zion’s Walls, Galop, Sing Me To Heaven, and Light of a Clear Blue Morning. Dr. Michael Christensen joined the Concert Choir during the Light of a Clear Blue Morning performance.

“Lindsay asked if I would be interested in playing with them, and I took that opportunity head-on,” Dr. Christensen said.

Allen was proud of her student’s performances in the Concert Choir and CC Singers.

“The trust they put in me as their director humbles me each time we get to make music together,” Allen said. “The majority of choir members took part in The Addams Family and have been going non-stop since its production, and I love working with such a dedicated and talented group of students every day.”

The Cowley Jazz Band, under the direction of Dr. Christensen, performed Primal Scream, By All Means!, and Dirty Old Man. The Wind Ensemble also shined with their renditions of October, Ammerland, Nimrod, and Ave Maria.

“It is such a pleasure to work with our students,” Dr. Christensen said. “This particular group took on a big challenge with serious music from timeless composers.”
The groups performed in collaboration with music instructor Stephen Butler.

“Stephen Butler is such a treasure to the Visual and Performing Arts Department, and we owe so much of our success to him,” Dr. Christensen said.

Concert Choir members: Elle Abrams, Gwyneth Abrams, Ashton Adams, KC Bennett, Raychell Beshirs, Cal Blagg, Gabriel dos Santos, Geshawna Francis, Nyle Franklin, Kathrynne Giger, Micah Greenlee, Xavier Hurrman, Alicia Hunter, Devin Jarrell, Grace King, Melissa Kuchar, Spencer MacLaughlin, Sophie Pray, MaKenna Roark, Lexi Rogers, Daniela Salcedo, Zulema Sanchez, Emily Smith, Grace Stueven, and Micah Whitley.

CC Singers: Elle Abrams, Cal Blagg, Gabriel dos Santos, Nyle Franklin, Kathrynne Giger, Xavier Huffman, Alicia Hunter, Devin Jarrell, Spencer MacLaughlin, and Lexi Rogers.

Wind Ensemble members: Cal Blagg, Gwyneth Abrams, Lindsey Zepeda, Wendy Zepeda, Milly Dorantes-Perez, Kalea Rattler, Zane Hubble, Jacob Hartley, Elizabeth Gonzalez-Cruz, Ariana Castillo, Savannah Shively, KC Bennett, Dalton Gilliland, Braxton Huddleston, Lucas Judd, Jackson Ellis, Nikolai Crow, Charles Hensley.

Jazz Band members: Zane Hubble, Ariana Castillo, Gwyneth Abrams, KC Bennett, Jackson Ellis, Charles Hensley, Dalton Gilliland, Emerson Talkington, Gary Dwayne Montgomery, Braxton Huddleston, and Michael Christensen.

Rama Peroo | Director of Institutional Communication
Cowley College
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