November 10, 2023

Scholarships presented to the top two Queen Alalah candidates

Kinzie Pappan and Emma Badley are presented with scholarships

The top two finalists for Queen Alalah XCI, Kinzie Pappan and Emma Badley, were recently presented with scholarships. Pappan, who was crowned Queen Alalah XCI on Oct. 27, was awarded a Dorothy Moore Harbaugh (Queen Alalah I) Endowed Scholarship worth $500 and a scholarship on behalf of the Arkalalah Executive Committee worth $500. Badley was given a $350 scholarship thanks to Harris Family Dentistry in Arkansas City.

Clayton Pappan, Chairman of the Arkalalah Executive Committee and father of Kinzie, was on hand to present Pappan and Badley with the scholarships.

“Coronation is the foundational part of the Arkalalah festival, and it is important that we recognize Cowley College and the efforts of the girls involved, and we are proud to be a part of this,” Clayton Pappan said. “Kinzie being named Queen Alalah was a complete surprise to our entire family. It was extremely special to be able to celebrate Arkalalah, that way as a family.”

Kinzie was honored and thankful to be crowned Queen Alalah 91 and was presented the Dorothy Moore Harbaugh Scholarship from Foundation president Dr. Kori Gregg. 

“I missed the part where scholarships were a part of it; I was just happy to have the experience,” Kinzie Pappan said. “It just keeps getting better. College is expensive, so this will really help me for next year when I go to Oklahoma State University.”  

Badley was also surprised to receive the scholarship from Harris Family Dentistry. 

“I was super grateful to have this experience, and to get this scholarship for first runner-up is so exciting,” Badley said. “I am still on cloud nine from the experience and have gained a lot of self-confidence.”

Harris was glad to be able to present the scholarship to Badley. 

“As an Ark City native, I have always enjoyed Arkalalah, and being back in the community as a business owner, I wanted to be involved,” Harris said.

Rama Peroo | Director of Institutional Communication
Cowley College
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Arkansas City, KS 67005