November 11, 2022

Sumner Campus hosts Coffee with the Kansas FFA Foundation

Sumner Campus hosts Coffee with the Kansas FFA Foundation

Traveling the state of Kansas for the past six months spreading awareness on what is happening in Kansas FFA (Future Farmers of America), members of the Kansas FFA Foundation visited with local business and industry leaders during a Coffee with the Kansas FFA Foundation event held Thursday in the Short Community Room located on the Sumner Campus in Wellington, KS.

Johanna Anderes, Kansas FFA Foundation Development Coordinator, said FFA has grown as a state association by 30 percent and added over 70 new chapters over the past decade.

“We anticipate having around 12,000 members this school year which are numbers we have never had in our 100 years as an organization,” Anderes said. “That growth is exciting to see, and it is happening in rural and urban areas alike. It is encouraging to see young people take an interest in what the agriculture industry has to offer them.”

While FFA in Kansas has grown, the budget and funding structure has not. Thus, the Kansas FFA Foundation has launched its first-ever endowment campaign for stability and growth as an organization.

“Part of today’s meeting is to spread awareness as to where we are at as an organization and also inform people on ways to help get involved by making a contribution or connecting us to people that have a passion for FFA,” Anderes said. “We want to make sure we can provide the best innovative experience for students as well as help our ag teachers across the state,”

The event was organized by Wellington community member Annarose White and Cowley College Sumner Campus Operations Officer Jan Grace.