October 27, 2023

Cowley Ambassador & Tigerette Dancer crowned the 91st Queen Alalah

Kinzie Pappan as Queen Alalah

Kinzie Pappan has been crowned the 91st Queen Alalah in a dazzling coronation ceremony that captivated the hearts of attendees. The first runner-up was Emma Badley. The event took place inside the Robert Brown Theatre, marking a momentous occasion in the city's rich Arkalalah Fall Festival tradition.

In a celebration filled with the spirit of aloha, Kinzie, showcased the city's vibrant heritage, as she accepted the crown and title of the 91st Queen.

“I was shocked when they said my name. Every girl was so deserving. This is such an honor because Arkalalah is such a big deal to me,” Pappan said. “I’m a dancer so I loved that part of the ceremony tonight and was grateful for our training throughout the week which helped so much with answering the secret question.”

The coronation also had performances by the Prairie Voices and A.I.M. Dance Studio as well as a special message from the 2023 Arkalalah Grand Marshal, Mr. David E. Steinmetze.

Dr. Trevor Harris and John Tyler Seitz served as the Master of Ceremonies and introduced the former queens and the visiting queens from surrounding towns in southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma. They were also present for the crowning of Little Mister and Miss Arkalalah which went to Deacon Blatchford and Charlotte Cushenbery.

Pappan is the daughter of Clayton and Jamie Pappan of Arkansas City. Grandparents are Jim and Donna Sybrant and Russell and Doneita Pappan of Arkansas City. She has twin sisters, Reese and Taylor Pappan, who are in their first year at Cowley. 

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About Queen Alalah Coronation

The Queen Alalah Coronation is an esteemed tradition in Arkansas City, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the town’s fall festival called Arkalalah which is a Native American term word meaning “good times.” Each year, Cowley College students, faculty, staff, and administration vote for the top five sophomore finalists using online voting after the students who meet the criteria are identified.