June 26, 2024

Cowley College launches innovative mental health service TalkCampus

TalkCampus graphic

 Cowley has taken an important step in bolstering its student support services and joined other leading institutions globally by partnering with student mental health support platform TalkCampus.

TalkCampus is an online community of students who support each other through their daily struggles, all within a clinically safeguarded environment. Cowley students will get access to a community of millions of students from across the world where they can express themselves authentically, in their own language, on a mobile phone, any time of day or night. The platform is a safe and anonymous place for students to share, with 24/7 moderation and escalation performed by a global safety team of trained peer supporters and a professional staff team.

Cowley has chosen to add peer support to their mental health offerings to better support students throughout their academic journey. Peer support is a well-evidenced form of support that provides instant, ongoing connection wherever a student might be, directly through their phones. A 2023 survey found that since using TalkCampus, 86% of students find it easier to ask for help when they need it and 79% find it easier to cope with life.

Cowley now provides TalkCampus as a proactive and preventative mental health solution that is inclusive to all students, whether on campus or studying remotely. We know that TalkCampus will be a valuable addition to our existing wellbeing suite and we are proud to be able to give our students access to this global community.

For more information about Student resources and links to download the TalkCampus app, visit the Cowley Wellness Service page. 

Hunter Ferguson | Integrated Communications Specialist
Cowley College
125 S. 2nd Street
Arkansas City, KS 67005