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About Us
Cowley Summer Theatre (CST) is a newly formed summer company through Cowley College in Arkansas City, KS. Utilizing a mixture of professional artists and student interns, CST strives to bring professional theatre to our small town community.
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Work With Us

​Seeking passionate actors and technicians for our 2023 Summer Season, including GUYS & DOLLS and SEUSSICAL! Planned season dates are May 22nd-June 10th (3 weeks) for GUYS & DOLLS and June 12th-July 16th (5 weeks) for SEUSSICAL! We welcome applications from all artists and are committed to inclusive casting/hiring practices.

For our inaugural season, we are working to create a two show season based in Arkansas City, KS. Rehearsals for our first show, GUYS & DOLLS, will begin May 22nd and perform June 7th-10th. GUYS & DOLLS will consist of professional cast and creatives working alongside our interns, and some local community members. Our second production, SEUSSICAL, will be our intern company performing alongside local students of all ages, beginning rehearsals June 12th and performing July 14th-16th. No-cost housing is available through Cowley's dormitories. Preference will be given to KS or OK based artists this season due to timeframe, though we do welcome applications from all U.S. residents!

  • Please note for professionals, this is a full-time commitment for the three week period. We operate using 8 hours rehearsal days (with appropriate meal breaks).
  • Please note for interns, this is a full-time commitment for the eight week period. We operate using 8 hours rehearsal/work days (with appropriate meal breaks).
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Seeking experienced Non-Equity musical theatre actors for positions in our Professional and Intern Company. All actors will be cast in GUYS & DOLLS and interns will be cast in SEUSSICAL as well. Professional Company members will only be utilized for GUYS & DOLLS. All actors and technicians must be comfortable working alongside students ages 10-18. Please submit a headshot, resume and audition video of at least one minute but no more than three minutes of you singing, preferably in the style of GUYS & DOLLS. If you play an instrument we encourage you to include a selection of you playing as well.


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Seeking design and technical interns specifically in scenic, lighting, properties, and stage management.

  • Please submit a resume and portfolio of materials to by Sunday, May 7th at noon.


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Weekly salary provided

Professional Company (Non-Eq) - $300/wk + housing

Intern Company (Non-Eq) - $150/wk + housing

  • We define Intern Company Members as those who are currently enrolled in, or have recently graduated from, a university/college theatre program and Professional Company Members as those with professional/paid performance experience.
  • If you are submitting with a partner/significant other, please indicate so in your submission.
  • Please note, there is no travel stipend available at the beginning/end of season. Artists are expected to get themselves to and from Kansas.

GUYS & DOLLS Character Breakdown

Nicely-Nicely Johnson, Any, B5-D4, stage age 30-45: Just like his name suggests, he is the nicest and cheeriest of the gambling crooks. High-spirited and a bit naïve, but sincere and genuine. Nathan’s loyal friend and lackey.

Benny Southstreet, Any, G5-D4, stage age 30-45: Nathan’s right-hand man and a gambler himself. Smart, slick, always moving and shaking, but with what he thinks are Nathan’s best interest at heart.

Sarah Brown, Female, G5-B3, stage age 20-30: A pretty, bright-eyed woman who serves as Sergeant of the local Mission. Idealistic, sheltered, and straight-laced, she is passionate about her cause and wishes to convert the gambling sinners to saints. Falls unexpectedly in love with gambler Sky Masterson along the way.

Arvide Abernath, Male, F5-D4, stage age 60+: Sarah’s grandfather and significant member of the Salvation Army mission. Wise, warm and caring. Sings ‘More I cannot wish you’ to Sarah.

Harry The Horse, Male, G5-F3, stage age 35-55: A crook and gambler. He is a tough guy with dollar signs as his bottom line. Brings Big Jule into Nathan’s craps game and backs his cheating, but is also a man of his word in the gambling community.

Lt. Brannigan, Any, stage age 40-55: A New York police officer who is on to Nathan’s illegal craps games and is dead-set on catching him. A tough, no-nonsense character.

Nathan Detroit, Male, F5-D4, stage age 35-45: A good-hearted gambler and craps game organizer who could never hit the bigtime. He loves Adelaide, but cannot quit his gambling ways. A broke schemer with unwitting ways.

Miss Adelaide, Female, F5 – A3, stage age 25-35: Nathan’s fiancé and a lead performer at the Hot Box nightclub. She loves Nathan more than anything in the world and desperately wants to get married. Pretty, outspoken, stubborn.

Sky Masterson, Male, E5-B3, stage age 30-45: A high-stakes gambler whose luck never seems to run out, and a wild card who surprises himself when he falls in love with missionary Sarah Brown. Suave, smart, handsome.​

General Matilda B. Cartwright, Female, stage age 40 to 65: The regional director of the Save-a-Soul mission, she is authoritative through necessity but motivated by charity. She cuts loose in the song “Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat.”

Big Jule, Male, G5-F3, stage age 30-50: A big time craps player from Chicago who uses a gun and his own pair of rigged dice to bully his way into never losing. Tough looking. A bit of an oaf.

Ensemble (male & female, various ages, should sing and dance well): Sightseers, Mission Band (Agatha, Calvin, Martha), Crap Shooters (Liver Lips Louie, Angie The Ox, Rusty Charlie), Hot Box Girls, Waiters, Cuban Dancers.

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