cowley college students greeting grade school children

We are Cowley
Cowley College’s Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives promote student success action by providing a platform to identify resources, increase knowledge, and launch projects to empower the college and wider communities.

Cowley College defines diversity as an opportunity to see, experience, and engage in the larger variety that makes up our community. By variety, we mean there are various characteristics, roles, and supports that provide us with a sense of inclusion.

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Inclusion & Diversity Plan

Strategic Plan

Voices Heard

Pride Month

Annual Goals

Members of the Inclusion and Diversity Initiative:

  • Amy McWhirt (Chair)
  • Debbie Phelps (Champion) 
  • Julianna Smarsh
  • AJ Ybarra
  • Abby Morris
  • Brandon Burke
  • Greg Butler
  • Dianne Flickinger
  • Jeremy Goerzen
  • Kirsten Dos Santos
  • Frank Arnold
  • Robyn Hill

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