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The purpose of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course is to provide students with an academic and working knowledge to become state certified and to provide basic life support patient care. It gives the basic emergency care concepts needed to function as an EMT. This class will be helpful for other healthcare fields and is a prerequisite for the Paramedic course.


Do you want to be an EMT? Cowley College is the perfect school for you. We offer an EMT program to help you get the skills and qualifications to perform emergency medical care and basic life support as a career. Also, Kansas citizens can apply for the Kansas Promise Act scholarship to help pay for tuition, fees, books and supplies.

Our Emergency Medical Technician program provides training in basic life support care for critically ill or injured patients. Our EMT training program follows national EMS education standards. In real-life practice, EMTs work directly with each other to provide this level of care and in conjunction with a paramedic to provide advanced life support. EMTs learn to manage an airway using artificial devices, assess the severity of illness or injury, manage wounds and bleeding, immobilize fractures, perform CPR, utilize an automated defibrillator, and various other procedures. Recent curriculum changes at the national and state level allow EMTs to assist with the administration of some medications.

EMTs are entry-level EMS providers that are essential in the EMS chain of survival. Additionally, one must become a certified EMT to enter a Paramedic program.


This class is offered each semester at one or both locations. Flexible scheduling is also available in certain situations. Many EMT courses utilize a hybrid (part online, part on-ground) format that is an extremely convenient and effective method of course delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EMT’s complete a shorter educational program than paramedics, and have a more limited scope of practice. EMT’s can perform patient assessment, CPR, airway management, administer several medications, and can take care of medical and trauma patients. 

EMT’s serve on ambulance services, fire departments, and police departments in career and volunteer positions. They may also work in the hospital as patient care technicians, work remotely on job sites such as oil drilling platforms, or in any position that requires medical care in remote and diverse settings.

Cowley College offers both 8 and 16 week EMT courses.

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