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Software, Security and Development at Cowley College is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in a tech career. You’ll learn about software development and cybersecurity, as well as coding and networking. The core IT classes will provide you with a solid foundation, and you’ll have the opportunity to gain industry certifications from Comptia, Oracle, and Microsoft. Once you’ve completed your AAS degree at Cowley College, you’ll be ready to take on an entry-level role in the tech industry or transfer to a four-year school.

With a variety of courses to choose from, our program will give you the skills you need to develop and manage software systems, protect networks and data from cyber threats, and stay ahead of the curve in cutting-edge information technology.

Apply to the Software, Security and Development program at Cowley College and begin your path to a bright future today!

Available ALL online

This program can be completed ALL online through Cowley College Online.


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This program can be completed online.

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