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Excellent stepping-stone for students interested in people
Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior, while sociology looks at that behavior in the context of one’s social setting. Combining the two fields gives students a complete picture of how we all fit into our world.


The Psychology Transfer program at Cowley College is designed to prepare students for a four-year university where they can finish their Psychology degree. It includes a range of topics, from the basics of psychology to more advanced concepts like abnormal psychology, cognitive psychology, and developmental psychology.

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Cowley College is one of the few community colleges in Kansas that offers a psychology program. If you plan on studying psychology for four years, our course suggestions are for students who haven't decided which university to transfer to yet. If you have already chosen a university, talk to your academic advisor and check their course catalog to see what courses you need to take in your first two years. Career Services can also provide you with catalogs and guides for many four-year colleges.

In addition, Cowley College has affordable tuition and offers financial assistance and scholarships to help you pay for your education. This makes our Psychology Transfer program a great option for students who want to study psychology without breaking the bank. Join us and embark on an exciting academic journey that will prepare you for success in your future. We can't wait to have you in our program!

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This program can be completed online.