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Excellent stepping stone for students interested in society
Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior, while sociology looks at that behavior in the context of one’s social setting. Combining the two fields gives students a complete picture of how we all fit into our world.


Cowley College's Sociology Transfer program is designed to introduce you to the principles of sociology and prepare you for further studies at a four-year university. The program covers a range of topics such as social problems, economics, marriage and family relations, government policy, and criminal justice issues.

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Upon completion, you can easily transfer to a four-year university. This program is recommended for those considering a psychology or sociology major, and tailored for students who have not yet chosen a transfer institution. Students who have already chosen a transfer school should consult their catalog and seek guidance from an academic advisor during their first two years. Online resources, such as college catalogs and transfer guides, are also available.

At Cowley College, students can participate in various clubs and groups, providing valuable extracurricular experiences that enhance skills beyond the classroom. Our program prepares students for any career path, whether it involves helping others, effective communication, or conducting research. Join our community at Cowley College and embark on a fulfilling journey towards a successful future in sociology.


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This program can be completed online.

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