By the Numbers

Information about institutional effectiveness and student success at Cowley College

Data literacy at Cowley College is promoted to both internal and external stakeholders through the use of regular, data reports including By the Numbers. Each edition of By the Numbers includes data visualizations to promote better understanding of data and how it can be used to drive action that supports student success.

By the Numbers is published in two formats: Fact sheet and newsletter.  For a quick look at one, broad data insight, choose a By the Numbers fact sheet; for an in-depth look at a more comprehensive data set, select the newsletter format.

By the Numbers
September 2023 Completions at Cowley College Fact Sheet Newsletter
October 2023 Cowley College Welcomes the 2023 Fall Student Body Fact Sheet  
November 2023 First Time College Student Enrollment at Cowley College Fact Sheet Newsletter
December 2023 Supporting Kansas High Students through Excel in CTE Fact Sheet Newsletter