Wind Energy Technology

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Install. Operate. Maintain.

The Wind Energy Technology program at Cowley College consists of a comprehensive curriculum that covers topics such as wind turbine technology, electrical and mechanical systems, safety protocols, and troubleshooting procedures. Graduates of the program will be prepared to enter the growing field of wind energy as technicians, with opportunities for career advancement and growth.

What You will  learn

  • You will gain a basic understanding of the fundamental science behind harnessing useable energy from the wind.
  • You will gain an awareness of the systems and hazards encountered when working on wind energy hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and installation systems. You will also study how to control and mitigate these hazards, preparing you to work in the wind power industry.
  • You will be prepared to perform entry-type injured person rescue operations in a wind turbine generator, using industry standard rescue equipment, rescue methods and techniques.
  • You will be prepared to identify and understand safety hazards in a business or industrial setting.
  • You will be introduced to pressurized hydraulic components in power delivery and positioning systems.
  • You will learn and apply the fundamentals of electricity in motor phasing, conductor sizing, wiring, single & three-phase power, conduit bending, and the use of ladder diagrams and test equipment to meet acceptable codes and basic electrical standards used in various scenarios and industry types.
  • You will program a PLC interfacing it with three or more components in a system. You will troubleshoot an automated system locating faults in programming and programming errors.

What you will take

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